GUI - Euler Equations Solver

This was my second “serious” code. It is basically the continuation of the Matlab GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the wave and Burgers equations. Discontinuities generate numerical instabilities that can contaminate the overall solution. Due to that, there must be some kind of dissipation, at least at the discontinuities regions, so that numerical errors do not grow. On the other hand, if too much dissipation is present, high frequency waves might get damped.

This GUI has the objective of showing how different numerical schemes may be (or not) suited to different situations where shocks and high frequency oscillations might be present. You can check it out here. Just run the gui.m file and you are good to go.

After choosing a set of parameters, the simulations are performed and the output data is saved in your working directory. You can play an animation for those parameters after the simulations are done by pressing the button “Play”. Feel free to ask any questions.

Matlab GUI
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